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We are one of the best martial arts schools in the USA!
Here are some reasons why!

Since 1974 Yi’s Martial Arts has been improving lives in Woodbury and the surrounding communities through our special one of a kind martial arts program. Yi’s Martial Arts is conveniently located at 560 South Evergreen Ave., Woodbury, NJ.

Martial Arts Woodbury NJ


Yi’s Martial Arts Offers Classes for Men, Women and Children Starting at age 4 and up! Adults and children alike see both mental and physical improvement while learning self-defense and having FUN!

You will train under Grand Master Ki Yun Yi with over 50 years experience and you will be training in a traditional Korean Martial Art with a true Korean Master!

Our mission is to provide our students with an experience that leaves them feeling great, and confident in themselves and in the Martial Arts skills they learn.

All of our instructors are certified under the “International Martial Arts Association” with schools in seven different countries and well known for its training and students being some of the best in the world!

We empower our students to achieve their goals, build their confidence and develop a “can-do attitude”! As a student of Yi’s Martial Arts you or your child will not only improve your physical health and fitness, and learn how to defend yourself; you will also sharpen your mind, improve your reflexes and reactions to conquer other challenges faced in life.

Martial Arts Woodbury NJ


We have separate martial arts classes for each age group and skill level, so you or your kids will always be in a class that helps you learn most effectively. We also keep our student to instructor ratio low so YOU get plenty of individual attention.

Master Yi’s years of experience, patience and knowledge of Tang Soo Do gives students of all ages and levels of physical condition the ability to reach their goals and make this life changing training something to do forever no matter their age.

What students gain in training with us:

* Physical Fitness – Feel Better, Look Better, Stay Healthy

* Endurance – Limit Tiredness, Increased Metabolism, Energy To Do More

* Self Confidence – Happiness, Social Ease, “Can Do” Attitude

* Self Control – Success, Overcome Procrastination & Laziness, Better Grades

* Self Defense – Less Fear, Feel Safer, Prevent Bullying, Self-Protection

* Plus MUCH More!

Take the time to give your child and/or yourself the gift of training in Tang Soo Do with the best! Make a choice to improve your life experiences and make your life fuller and more exciting with us here at Yi’s Martial Arts.

**Yi’s Martial Arts Woodbury NJ is ALSO the Headquarters of the “International Martial Arts Association” where all the Masters of the I.M.A. come to train and build their skills and knowledge under Grand Master Yi as well.**

Our school has over three thousand feet of training floor that is both open and airy, large locker rooms for men and women, and also a sports shop to get the equipment needed for training as well.

The school is open from 9 AM Monday thru Saturday

Morning classes: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Afternoon Classes: Starting @ 4:30 PM Monday – Friday

Evening classes: Monday – Friday

Private Classes available upon request for children and adults.

Call for more information or stop in to talk to
Master Yi and tour our school.

Yi’s Martial Arts
560 South Evergreen Ave
Woodbury, NJ 08096
(856) 848-2333
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Martial Arts Woodbury NJ

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Martial Arts Woodbury NJ

Martial Arts Woodbury NJ

Martial Arts Woodbury NJ

Martial Arts Woodbury NJ, martial arts 08096

Martial Arts Woodbury NJ, martial arts 08096

Martial Arts Woodbury NJ, martial arts 08096
Martial Arts Woodbury NJ, martial arts 08096