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Yi's Karate Reviews

  • I’ve been with GM Ki Yun Yi for about 10 years and are a 3rd Dan Black Belt. Tang Soo.

    Richard Rapp
  • One of the best academies to learn martial arts under the supervision of the best masters. I am enjoying my class here and I would surely recommend more people to join this.

    Nevida Shomun
  • GREAT SCHOOL! Very Attention to detail minded school!

  • A great teacher, mentor and not only that, a wonderful human being who makes a global impact in providing a better way of life for all of mankind.

    Wesley Jenkins
  • I went here as a very small boy before moving to Philadelphia. I made it up to a red belt, but decided I didn’t want to go any higher. It is something I deeply regret, and I am 23 now. Master Yi was an incredible teacher and everyone there was super friendly and patient. I’ll have to stop in and say hello one of these days.

    Grizzly Dave

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